PIFOC® Objective & PInano® Sample Scanners for Microscopy

Piezo flexure stages and objective scanners of the PIFOC® and PInano® series offer high dynamics in positioning and scanning tasks. Well adapted solutions for XY specimen positioning parallel and vertical to the optical axis and Z focusing of the objective are available as standard products.

Stages are also available conveniently in a system together with controller and all required connecting cables and software. Like all piezo systems, microscopy stages and scanners are delivered precalibrated with measurement log. 

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PIFOC® Objective Scanners for Microscopy


P-725.xCDE2 PIFOC Objective Scanner with Long Travel Range

P-726 PIFOC High-Load Objective Scanner


V-308 Voice Coil PIFOC Focus Drive for Objectives

ND72Z2LAQ PIFOC Objective Scanning System 2000 µm

P-725.xDD PIFOC High Dynamics Piezo Scanner

P-721 PIFOC High-Precision Objective Scanner

PD72Z1x PIFOC Objective Scanning System 100 µm

PD72Z2x • PD72Z4x PIFOC Objective Scanning System 400 µm

P-725.xxx PIFOC Objective Scanner with Long Travel Range

Vertical Sample Stages for Microscopy

P-737 PIFOC Specimen Z Positioner

P-736 PInano® Z Microscope Scanner

PInano® Piezo Flexure XY(Z) Scanners

P-545.xR8S PInano® XY(Z) Piezo System

P-545.xC8S PInano® Cap XY(Z) Piezo System

P-545.3D8S PInano® Trak Piezo Tracking System