Controller Systems for Multiple Axes & Mixed Drive Types

Modular motion controller systems provide best flexibility for increasing the number of axes in a system. They allow the use of different drive types with only one user interface.

The number of available models is continuously extended. Contact PI now for your individual controller setup!

G-910.RC02 Motion Controller for Low Power Requirement

Integrated Driver for up to 2 Axes, EtherCAT Master for Synchronizing up to 4 Axes

G-901 Motion Controller for High Power Requirement

Integrated Driver for up to 4 Drive Axes with AC Servo Motor, DC Motor, Voice Coil Motor, Stepper Motor
ACS Motion Control for Industrial Automation

Contrôle ACS pour Applications Industrielles

A-82x PIglide Motion Controller for 4, 6 or 8 Axes

For Stages with Direct Drive and High Power Requirements, TCP/IP Interface

A-81x PIglide Motion Controller for 1, 2 or 4 Axes

For Stages with Direct Drive, TCP/IP Interface

E-712 Digital Piezo Controller

Modular Controller for up to 6 Axes for Highest Precision
  • Modular controller for up to 6 axes for highest precision, up to 50 kHz servo update rate, extensive software package, flexible interfaces.

C-885 PIMotionMaster

Rack with Processor and Interface Module for Modular Multi-Axis Controller System