Dispensing Tiniest Fluid Volumes Quickly and Precisely

Medical technology is developing rapidly and microfluidics contributes to a large part to it – it is seen as a future technology and is the key to many high-tech applications that are used for diagnostics and therapy.

Microfluidic applications can benefit enormously from the properties of piezo technology – thanks to their compact size, high speed, accuracy, and their low energy requirements, piezo ceramics can be used in numerous applications.

High-precision dosing systems, which are operated by piezo ceramics, can generate several thousands of picoliter droplets per seconds. This high throughput, for example, is indispensable for array plotting in manufacturing lab-on-a-chip systems or for consumables for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests.

Furthermore, piezo elements are readily used in liquid handling in IVD instruments, e.g. for PCR tests. They can dose, move, and mix tiniest liquid volumes with differing properties with high precision.

Piezo elements are convincing in dosing systems, such as micropumps for insulin or pain medication, thanks to their precision and their small size and low weight. This makes it possible to produce systems that are small, lightweight, and easy to handle; therefore, making it easier for the patient to manage their application.

PI develops and manufactures customer-specific piezoceramic materials and piezo elements for applications in microfluidics with the most varied shapes, dimensions, designs, or higher refinement.

The value chain for these solutions comes from one single source – from the specially developed piezo elements up to the production and assembly of the piezo elements, all manufacturing processes and process steps are carried out directly in one location.

PI supports you with piezo solutions for applications such as:

Array spotting
3D printing
Liquid handling in point-of-care devices
Ultrasonic sample preparation
Cell sorting
Membrane nebulizers
Efficiently Generating Aerosols in Mesh Nebulizers
Efficiently Generating Aerosols in Mesh Nebulizers
Chronic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, or the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but also bronchitis and the flu necessitate a comprehensive medical treatment. Medical nebulizers atomize medication so very finely that it can be inhaled very deeply into the lungs, therefore, making the therapy of sometimes life-threatening lung diseases possible.
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Printing Customized Medical Implants and Tissue
Printing Customized Medical Implants and Tissue
3D printing enables therapies that were unimaginable just few decades ago. With the development of medical technology, however, the demands on medical devices and implants are also becoming higher. The geometries and structures are becoming more complex and faster and precise manufacturing is required. Some 3D printing processes can benefit from piezo technology.
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Pumping Tiniest Fluid Volumes Precisely
Pumping Tiniest Fluid Volumes Quickly and Precisely
The fields of application for piezoelectric micropumps are in laboratory technology, medical technology, biotechnology, chemical analytics, and process technology, which require reliable metering of minute amounts of liquids and gases.
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Faster Analyses for In Vitro Diagnostics
Faster Analyses for in Vitro Diagnostics
The requirements of fluid handling in medical processes such as in vitro diagnostics are extremely demanding: Very small volumes of liquids with different characteristics need dosing or have to be moved with high precision.
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