Contactless and Contamination-Free Measuring with Ultrasound

The automatic monitoring of medical processes is essential in numerous situations.

For example, devices for patient monitoring can continuously check and evaluate vital signs of patients in order to make the correct diagnosis and be able to intervene immediately in the event of possible irregularities. It is, however, important that the monitoring is contactless and gentle.

Ultrasonic sensors that are placed on the tubes of the monitoring devices, are ideal for this – ultrasonic sound waves penetrate the tube from the outside and ensure a contactless monitoring.

In addition, with the help of ultrasonic sensors different media can be monitored, for example, the gas flow of ventilators can be measured contactlessly and without contamination, or life threatening air bubbles in tubes such as the heart-lung machines or dialysis machines can be detected.

Piezo components are integrated into the ultrasonic sensors that are responsible for generating the ultrasound.

PI manufactures these piezo elements – especially tailored to the wishes of the customers.

In addition to designing customer-specific piezo components, PI masters extensive technologies for assembling and contacting these sophisticated focus elements. The piezo components, therefore, can be higher refined – be it by contacting with flexible printed circuit boards or gluing into housings.

PI is your partner with piezo solutions for applications such as:

Fluid Metering
Air bubble detection
Concentration determination
Improving Patient Monitoring with Ultrasound
Making Patient Monitoring More Intelligent with Ultrasound
Viruses and other infections are particularly dangerous for people with pre-existing conditions, e.g., of the kidneys or cardiovascular system. In regards to the treatment and therapy of such illnesses, the requirements for the medical devices used are also constantly increasing. Piezo technology offers numerous possibilities for improvement: Piezo ultrasonic transducers, for example, make intensive care devices such as infusion systems more intelligent and make the supervision of vital body functions easier.
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Contactless Patient Monitoring With Ultrasound

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Contactless Patient Monitoring With Ultrasound

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