Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures with Precision Positioning, High-Speed Actuation, and Ultrasonic Solutions

From genome research through the accurate diagnosis of illnesses to innovative solutions in surgery ‒ life sciences entail numerous disciplines in which new biomedical procedures are researched and devices are developed that are meant to improve the therapy for and quality of life of patients.

To improve the diagnosis of illnesses and initiate therapies early on, high-precision and fast methods are necessary. In addition to numerous solutions for microscopy, such as sample positioning and ultrafast focusing, highly modern imaging methods are becoming increasingly important. Precision drives and miniature piezo elements make endoscopic solutions possible that increase the image information and allow deeper insights into tissue structures. Microfluidic systems as, e.g., portable point-of-care systems or for cell sorting, profit from compact and energy-efficient piezo solutions that make the precise manipulation of fluids or tiniest particles possible.

In the surgical devices sector, automated robotics systems with high-precision positioning units allow for gentle minimally invasive procedures. Ultrasound is increasingly being used as a powerful instrument. For both, a gentle targeted treatment of the tissue and also for disruptive treatment methods such as incisionless surgeries that are made without having to cut into the body.

New therapies, e.g., in pain medication or insulin administration, are made possible by tiniest piezo elements within miniaturized micropumps. In addition, contactless ultrasonic sensors ensure a contamination-free monitoring of processes, such as the detection of tiniest fluidic flows or air bubbles.

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