Flexible Positioning Solutions for a Fast and Precise Quality Assurance

To deliver a product with a certified quality, consistent and reliable performance, and a long lifetime – in order to guarantee all of this, measuring and testing systems are used on a large scale in many industrial areas, e.g. in the automotive industry, the optical industry, the manufacturing of medical devices, or even in the electronics and semiconductor industry – both in specialized measuring rooms and in qualification processes during production.

The industries are constantly facing new challenges in the development of test procedures: New products made of new materials are coming onto the market at ever shorter intervals, which have to be manufactured and qualified in ever shorter times and in ever larger quantities. In addition, components and features are becoming smaller and more diverse in shape and surface structure.

Therefore, positioning solutions are necessary for a reliable qualification that move components and testing assemblies such as cameras and sensors in a precise and coordinated way – often also in several degrees of freedom – and solutions that can be easily integrated into production lines while maintaining throughput.

Because of its diversity in products and technologies and its experience in precision automation, PI can offer its customers the optimum motion and control solution for any positioning task within testing processes. Therefore, PI ensures a quicker initial startup, adaptation, and a better support in the development of an advanced measuring technology.

PI is your partner for motion and control solutions for applications such as:

Noncontact 2D/3D surface profiling
Tactile measuring and testing
Testing of acceleration and position sensors
Automated optical inspection (AOI)
Camera and sensor alignment
Testing and Improving Image Capturing
Testing and Improving Image Capturing
Taking sharp pictures despite poor lighting conditions, taking snapshots without blurring, recognizing traffic signs and road markings, or identifying dangerous situations with specific systems - all of this is possible today with the help of modern cameras. But how good is the still and video image quality of a camera or smartphone?
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Ensuring Shape Accuracy
Ensuring Shape Accuracy
Aspherical lenses have rotationally symmetrical optics around the optical axis, whose radius of curvature changes radially with the distance from the center. This allows optical systems to achieve high image quality, whereby the number of elements required decreases and that saves on both costs and weight.
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Measurement of Headlight Lamps
Fast and Precise Measurement of Headlight Lamps in an Automation Line
Hexapods allow for an outstanding flexibility for a variety of samples of in-line automation systems by minimizing the space for motion robotics.
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