Realizing Customized Printing Processes with the Help of Piezo Technology

Printing technology has been an important sector in the industry for many years already – be it digital printing with its different procedures or, more recently, 3D printing. Particularly in the textile, food, or mechanical engineering industry, industrial printing plays an important role. The printing methods as well as their application areas are varied, but they have one thing in common: Their main objective is ultrafast and precise dispensing of liquid volumes down to the picoliter range.

With the jetting procedure, which is often the underlying procedure, liquids are dispensed without contact onto the printing material. This procedure makes use of the piezo effect. Piezo elements that are placed in the print head deform when an electric voltage is applied and generate a short force impulse on a nozzle. Therefore, a droplet is ejected by the print head and it is dispensed onto the paper. For different procedures in 3D printing, piezo actuators integrated into print heads can also ensure a continuous, precise, and fast dispensing of different media such as polymers, varnishes, or wax.

Piezo-driven dispensing systems can generate several thousand pico- to microliter droplets per second and with that reach a high throughput, which is becoming increasingly important in the industry. With its longstanding experience and the technical know-how in piezo technology, PI can develop and produce these piezo ceramic actuators – entirely according to the wishes of the customers and the respective industrial application.

PI supports you with piezo elements for applications such as:

Digital Printing
3D Printing
High-Performance Printing Using Inkjet
High-Performance Printing Using the Inkjet Process
Printing technology has long evolved past the boundaries of paper printing. There are no limits to the choice of printing material: Paper, plastic, ceramic, or metal. Especially in dynamic printed image generation such as digital printing, large areas can be continuously printed with the highest resolution in the shortest time. The piezo actuators used for this purpose work with ultrafast response times and high frequency.
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Enabling 3D Printing with Different Materials
Enabling 3D Printing with Different Materials
Additive manufacturing with 3D printing methods opens up completely new possibilities for manufacturing complex components: Individualized prototypes or customized products can be very quickly produced on the basis of CAD data. The most complex geometrical shapes are produced this way, and can even be printed with changing materials and material properties. The piezo actuators used in this process work with the fastest response times and above all with high force.
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