Dispensing Tiniest Fluid Volumes Quickly and Precisely with the Help of Piezo Technology

Today, the ultrafast and precise dispensing of tiniest fluid volumes is key to many automated industrial applications, e.g., in electronics production when assembling components. Industrial dosing procedures are very diverse, but they all have one thing in common: The high requirements for accuracy. These requirements must be met independently of environmental influences. In the manufacture of microchips, industrial precision technology plays an essential role – soldering pastes must be dispensed ultrafast on the smallest electrical chips, which means fine tuning and the highest precision.

Piezo elements with their compact size, speed, and their low level of energy consumption are suitable for reliably move and dose small liquid volumes in the range of a few hundred milliliters up to a few picoliters.

Piezo-driven dispensing systems can generate several thousand pico- to microliter droplets per second and with that reach a high throughput, which is becoming increasingly important due to the pressure of competitiveness. With its longstanding experience and the technical know-how in piezo technology, PI can develop and produce these piezo ceramics – entirely according to the wishes of the customers and the respective industrial application.

Ultrafast Dispensing of Adhesives and Soldering Pastes
Ultrafast Dispensing of Adhesives and Soldering Pastes
High-precision dispensing is used in automated industrial production lines, for example, in the manufacturing of electronic components by printing contacts on circuit boards, microchips, or adhesive dots. For this purpose, highly viscous materials such as adhesives or soldering pastes are dosed ultrafast as finest droplets. The piezo actuators used have extremely fast response times in the microseconds range and frequencies up to a few Kilohertz.
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