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When it comes to your future, nothing may remain impossible. That is why, we are already working today on the solutions for tomorrow. And as we do so, we can look back with pride at 50 successful years of company history during which, together with our customers, we have repeatedly pushed the boundaries of what is technically possible. As a multitechnology provider, we rely on an ever-evolving patent and technology portfolio that is unparalleled. We consolidate our claim with three complementary areas of expertise: PIEZO TECHNOLOGY, NANO POSITIONING, and PERFORMANCE AUTOMATION.

Making the seemingly impossible possible.

Trust the difference!

Our Ambitions

Our customers appreciate the benefits of our market-leading role in producing high-precision positioning and piezo technology.

Our broad range of technologies offers multiple options to push technological boundaries together with our customers.

Driving innovation, discovering new ways to support, transferring great ideas into reality is a core driver of PI.

Three Areas, One Goal:

Push Boundaries

The heart of the customer application.

PI Ceramic's piezo experts manufacture the perfect core piece for your product, customized specifically to your needs. Piezo actuators generating movement or ultrasound. Sensor components detecting the slightest vibrations. We bring your application to life.

The fast lane to a precision advantage.

In almost all industrial manufacturing processes, precise positioning and the alignment of individual components are essential to proper product function and manufacturing efficiency. This is even more important as products and their components get smaller and smaller.

The new dimension of precision automation.

Our diverse technologies, our many years of experience in precision motion control and positioning, and our modular approach enable us to respond to your application-specific requirements and to optimize individual parameters. Therefore, increasing the performance of your overall system.